Associate Pastor Stuart and Yvonne Catlin

Brother Catlin loves ministering and serving the people of River of Life Church, Oswego NY, where he has served as associate pastor since December 2011. He, and his wife, Yvonne,  have been married for 28 years. They love teaching home bible studies  and have a love for lost and hurting. They have two daughters, Aubrey, married to Dustin Neal, parents to Gabbi, their granddaughter.   Alexis, married to Chris Traub, parents to their grandson Stuart Ross Catlin II. 
  Brother Catlin received his ministers license in 1997. Since then he has served as a youth pastor, assistant pastor, and served as youth sectional rep, youth secretary for the New York district and pastored for nine years in Geneva, NY.  
 If you would like to contact, Bro Catlin, 
  Email him at   
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